automatic – smart driving assistant deviceimage courtesy automatic



plugging into the same mechanic port used for servicing, ‘automatic’ – the smart driving assistant device provides the possibility to sync to a user’s car via using bluetooth – linking to the car’s on-board computer using a smartphone’s GPS and data plan to upgrade vehicle capabilities. once connected to the ‘automatic app’, the system manifests sophisticated energy-saving algorithms to learn about one’s driving style – giving the user subtle audio cues when they waste gas by rough braking, speeding or rapid acceleration. the program also displays detailed info about weekly trips, and can even detect when the ‘check engine’ light comes on – troubleshooting engine trouble codes with solutions to help save costly trips to the shop. additionally, people will never forget wherethey parked, as the device remembers location coordinates – a support feature which can also come in handy for car-sharing networks.



automatic demonstrationvideo courtesy automaticlabsinc.



automatic   personal driving assistant devicethe device plugs into the same mechanic port used for servicingimage courtesy automatic



automatic   personal driving assistant device

automatic smart driving assistant image courtesy automatic



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