autonomous freightliner inspiration truck introduced to the US roads
images courtesy of daimler




presented on top of the hoover dam in the state of nevada, the launch of the freightliner ‘inspiration’ truck signifies the introduction of autonomous big rigs to US roads. the event included an impressive presentation, making use of 60 high-definition projectors that covered over 420,000 square feet on the dam’s surface, and earned the vehicle a guiness world record title for the highest light output of 1.17 million lumens.

front view of the self-driving truck




‘the hoover dam provides the ideal setting for a debut as significant to the trucking industry as this. not only was it built primarily using trucks, but it signifies inspiration like few other structures in the world. to show the significance and opportunities of autonomous driving functions for the global trucking industry we were willing to go ways that people did not dare to think about before,’ emphasized dr. wolfgang bernhard, member of the board of management of daimler AG, daimler trucks and buses.


he added, ‘the inspiration truck’s debut was made even more notable with freightliner’s GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title of the highest light output projection.’





developed by engineers of daimler trucks and based on the series-produced US freightliner ‘cascadia’ model, the vehicle is enhanced with the highway pilot system, which utilizes intelligent radar sensors and a stereo camera to ensure its safe self-driving ability. as well as using the adaptive cruise control, its technology provides lane-keeping and collision-preventation by regulating the speed, applying the brakes and controlling the steering. tested for 10,000 miles in papenburg, germany, the extensively tried piloting system can be activated when the truck has made it safely on to the highway.


the next step for truck driving
video courtesy of freightliner trucks




the radar unit, centered within the front bumper, uses long-range sensors to detect vehicles in a long and narrow area, at around 250 meters ahead, and short-distance sensors, at 70 meters, to analyze road users in a wider field that could merge into the lane in front. moving upwards on the truck’s exterior, it is dominated by the hood design. together with the perfectly blended door skins and the wheel arches, the form has been optimized for aerodynamics. combing this with the advanced technology, the autonomously driving truck will increase fuel efficiency, improve traffic safety and reduce CO2 emissions, cutting fuel consumption by up to five percent.

the cockpit




with exterior lighting that shines blue as soon as the truck is in autonomous mode, and white while in standard operation, the interior lighting creates a cozy contrast. in the cockpit, the driver is equipped with a detachable monitor that keeps them visually informed about its current status and instructions. furthermore, with the standard instrument cluster, they are able to govern the vehicle using manual controls, when maneuvers are needed.

the monitor keeps the driver informed




when safely on the highway, the highway pilot mode can be activated




the interior creates a cozy and pleasant environment



demonstration of platooning technology
video courtesy of freightliner trucks


when in autonomous mode, the exterior lights shine blue