B4RM4N smart shaker and integrated app mixes perfect cocktails
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the ‘B4RM4N’ smart shaker helps mix the perfect cocktail every time with an integrated and recipe-loaded phone app. the mixer does not need scales and measuring cups as the featured LED lighting and sound tells the user precisely when to stop pouring. the device is able to this when the application is launched and connected together through bluetooth 4.0. seeking funding via its kickstarter campaign, the hardest part when owning the smart mixer, is choosing which cocktail of over 110 to have.


the company’s kickstarter campaign video shows how owner’s will become cocktail heroes
video courtesy of B4RM4N




the ‘B4RM4N’ allows people to select the drink and how many glasses to fill up – maximum of three at a time. the app instructs how much ice to add, which ingredient to use next and how long to shake or stir the cocktail. the android and iOS supported application suggests drinks from the ingredients available and features a creator mode where people can design and share their own recipes.

LED lights and sound instructs the user when to stop pouring an ingredient


the app contains over 110 recipes and can suggest cocktails from available ingredients