baidu ‘DuBike’ integrates smart sensors and generates its own electricity
all images courtesy of baidu




baidu, the chinese search engine giant has revealed the design for its upcoming smart bike project. dubbed the ‘DuBike’, it features a built-in app system that works simultaneously with various sensors on the bicycle which are capable of analyzing and measuring health metrics and telemetry, for instance. like a tradition GPS system, the DuBike will also incorporate route guidance technology on the handlebars. a laser indicator will alert the rider when and where to turn, instead of having to resort to using a smartphone for

route guidance technology is incorporated on the handlebars 



in addition, the bike also features brake lights, and as an added bonus, the onboard electronics are charged during riding by transforming kinetic energy into electricity and by using regenerative braking, meaning users will never need to plug in for topping up the power supply.

the bike was developed in collaboration with tsinghua university in beijing


detail of the brake lights


 detail of the pedals


handlebar detail



video walkthrough of the bike’s features


in case of theft, the built-in app is able to determine the bike’s real-time location at all times

 the dubike system also incorporates social media features for rating and sharing bike routes