customize bike wheels with an LED display kit from balight
all images courtesy of balight






balight integrates the most desired biking related components into a single device, including a customizable wheel display, social media app, data tracker, and a safety alarm. it allows cyclists to express their individuality, connect with others and improve their visibility at night. using 376 ultra bright full-color LEDs, the accessory is capable of displaying over 16 million colors. riders can add fun preloaded graphics, or have completely customized array using photos. 


video courtesy of beck



to create the display, the device connects to its own balight app. through a user-friendly interface, the platform allows users to create their own patterns from the app’s built-in tools or import pictures from the phone. to make adjustments or switch patterns during the ride, simply launch the app or use the mini remote control. the battery pack can last up to 10 hours, depending on the image and brightness. USB connect, lightweight and removable, it is easy to recharge. waterproof and shockproof, the balight offers a complete package ready for any kind of biking. the team is looking for funding through their indiegogo and expect it to arrive when the goal is reached. 

balight-LED-wheel-displays-designboom-02 the kit with four LED strips and battery packbalight-LED-wheel-displays-designboom-03 the balight attaches to the spokes of the wheelbalight-LED-wheel-displays-designboom-04 comes with preloaded graphicsbalight-LED-wheel-displays-designboom-05 the app allows for complete customization balight-LED-wheel-displays-designboom-06the additional features included in the app