bang and olufsen introduces in-ear noise canceling headphones ideal for traveling
all images courtesy of bang and olufsen 





bang and olufsen have come a long way since first introducing headphones back in 1978. with the ‘beoplay H3 ANC’, the luxury electronics company is breaking the mold and introducing in-ear noise canceling headphones that eliminate the listeners surrounding sounds. the external housing is made out of lightweight metal, which makes it robust and scratch resistant, but keeps the weight at just 40 grams. the metal has been hairline brushed on the front to catch and reflect the light. the 29 precision holes function as air vents, resulting in natural sound reproduction. this combination creates a contrast that adds depth and highlights the shape. 

bang-and-olfusen-H3-ANC-noise-canceling-headphones-designboom-02made from lightweight metal




the rechargeable battery inside the noise cancelation unit gives listens up to 20 hours of continuous playtime with ANC turned on. but even if the battery runs out, the headphones carry on playing music. bang and olfusen’s memory foam ear tips deliver a comfortable fit and noise isolation. for those who prefer silicone ear tips, they also offer four different sizes. the noise cancelation control unit is designed to lie directly behind the smartphone in a pocket without taking up too much space. thanks to the in-line remote, users can answer phone calls, control volume, and music hassle-free. 

bang-and-olfusen-H3-ANC-noise-canceling-headphones-designboom-03 robust and scratch resistantbang-and-olfusen-H3-ANC-noise-canceling-headphones-designboom-04 the cable includes a remote and microphonebang-and-olfusen-H3-ANC-noise-canceling-headphones-designboom-05 the headphones weigh 40 gramsbang-and-olfusen-H3-ANC-noise-canceling-headphones-designboom-06 the noise cancelation unit gives listens up to 20 hours of continuous playtimebang-and-olfusen-H3-ANC-noise-canceling-headphones-designboom-07 the unit is designed to lie directly behind the smartphonebang-and-olfusen-H3-ANC-noise-canceling-headphones-designboom-08 memory foam ear tipsbang-and-olfusen-H3-ANC-noise-canceling-headphones-designboom-09 29 precision holes function as air ventsbang-and-olfusen-H3-ANC-noise-canceling-headphones-designboom-10the tips also come in silicone