bang and olufsen curved beoplay A6 fills the entire room with sound
all images courtesy of bang and olufsen 





the luxury danish electronics company bang and olufsen revealed the ‘beoplay A6’ wireless speaker. it features a unique design that gives listeners a signature sound whevever the speaker is placed. the intuitive touch interface makes it possible to control the speaker without the need to pick up the smartphone. ‘beoplay A6’ is a speaker that works anywhere and for any occasion, cladded in wool blend fabrics from high end manufacturer kvadrat. the fabric is custom designed, with a result that brings the best qualities from furniture fabric to an audio product. it provides acoustic transparency while maintaining the desired aesthetics. this is done using delicate and sophisticated multi colored threads. 

bang-and-olufsen-beoplay-a6-wireless-speaker-designboom-02the curved design allows the speaker to fill the room




the bang and olufsen ‘beoplay A6’ allows to switch covers, in a variety of colors, to make sure it fits into any interior. covers are sold separately, and can be clicked on in a matter of seconds. customers can choose between light grey, dark grey, dark rose and dusty blue. the speaker connects over wifi, airplay DLNA or bluetooth 4.0, and features their latest blink multi-room technology that unites all bang and olufsen products into one wireless system. 

bang-and-olufsen-beoplay-a6-wireless-speaker-designboom-03the ‘beoplay A6’ can be placed anywhere 




the functional shape allows the ‘beoplay A6’ to be placed on a wall, table or in a corner and brings a five channel experience with two 60 watt class woofers, one 60 watt full range and two 30 watt tweeters. an interesting addition is the backwards pointing speaker that allows to maximize the spaciousness of the sound, no matter where it is placed in the room. the design of the grill on the back of the speaker is optimized to let out the sound and includes a handle to easily move it where you need music to enjoy most. 

bang-and-olufsen-beoplay-a6-wireless-speaker-designboom-04swiping turns the volume up and down 


bang-and-olufsen-beoplay-a6-wireless-speaker-designboom-05available in a variety of different covers


bang-and-olufsen-beoplay-a6-wireless-speaker-designboom-06the curvature allows it to be placed anywhere in the room 


bang-and-olufsen-beoplay-a6-wireless-speaker-designboom-07the fabric was created with the help of kvadrat 


bang-and-olufsen-beoplay-a6-wireless-speaker-designboom-08hidden are four sets of speakers


bang-and-olufsen-beoplay-a6-wireless-speaker-designboom-09the fabric is hand finished in multi colored threads


image courtesy of bang and olufsen
image courtesy of bang and olufsen
image courtesy of bang and olufsen
image courtesy of bang and olufsen
image courtesy of bang and olufsen
image courtesy of bang and olufsen