david lewis designers craft all-in-one ‘beosound 35’ music system for bang & olufsen
all images courtesy of bang & olufsen




designed by torsten valeur at david lewis designers, the latest bang & olufsen ‘beosound 35’ is an all-in-one multiform music system with an easy-to-use touch interface and integrated access to music and radio streaming services. it’s crafted from aluminum and manufactured to fill an entire room with a well-balanced sound whether placed on a table or a wall. 

bang-olufsen-beosound-35-wireless-speaker-designboom-02the ‘beosound 35’ is crafted for a single block of aluminum




the intuitive touch interface lets listeners easily take charge of their music source as well as track selection and volume control. the ‘beosound 35’ can also be controlled from a distance using the bang & olufsen remote or the free downloadable ‘beomusic’ app. it features on-board integration of streaming services like spotify as well as wireless access through apple ‘airplay’, DLNA and bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

bang-olufsen-beosound-35-wireless-speaker-designboom-03the speaker system can be hung on a wall or placed on a tabletop




‘beosound 35’ is one of the most versatile speakers in the bang & olufsen portfolio. it was designed to resemble a stroke on the wall and with its sleek and minimalist appearance it manages to fit into an interior with ease. the pentagonal circumference allows you to cleverly tilt the music system for convenient access.

bang-olufsen-beosound-35-wireless-speaker-designboom-04‘beosound 35’ can be wirelessly accessed through apple ‘airplay’, DLNA and bluetooth 4.0 connectivity




two four inch bass drivers, centrally placed within the cabinet provide the heavy foundation of the room filling stereo experience. two 3/4 inch tweeters, positioned at the edges and slightly angled outwards give listeners the details of the music while providing an even distribution of sound around the room. each of the four speaker drivers are powered by 80 watt class d amplifiers, giving ‘beosound 35’ a capacity well above the level people would expect from a music system of its size.





since 1955 bang & olufsen has been pioneering the use of aluminum, and is now an integral part of the company DNA. the ‘beosound 35’ was carefully formed from an extruded aluminum profile it is three millimeters thick to ensure the necessary material stiffness and also to guarantee optimal heat dissipation. the bang & olufsen ‘beosound 35’ will launch worldwide on april 13, 2016. 


an introduction of the ‘beosound 35’
video courtesy of bang & olufsen

bang-olufsen-beosound-35-wireless-speaker-designboom-06the two bass drivers and two 3/4 inch tweeters bang-olufsen-beosound-35-wireless-speaker-designboom-07the intuitive touch interface bang-olufsen-beosound-35-wireless-speaker-designboom-08the slim profile shapebang-olufsen-beosound-35-wireless-speaker-designboom-09three millimeter thick aluminum frame