battlecade – portable vintage gaming system by love hulten
all images courtesy of love hulten





‘battlecade’ is a conceptual arcade console for two players, influenced by classic board games like ‘battleship’ and ‘duke nukem’. instead of the classic side-by-side setup, love hulten decided players sit facing each other. with a mid section including two 12 inch LCD monitors, neither can see the other’s game strategy. it has built in storage for quick access to accessories like power supply and detachable joysticks. when not in use, the console folds into three sections to a convenient carrier. 


video courtesy of love hulten




love hulten is a swedish designer, craftsman, and innovator fuses modern technology with traditional artisan knowledge, to create a unique blend of function and aesthetics. the ‘battlecade’ is produced, polished and assembled in hulten’s one man studio in gothenburg, sweden. check out love hulten’s hand made ’tempel’ work bench here to further see the craftsmanship from the past.  

love-hulten-battlecade-designboom-02features pre set 16 bit arcade games


love-hulten-battlecade-designboom-04the console is handmade in sweden 


love-hulten-battlecade-designboom-05controls include six solid plastic buttons 


love-hulten-battlecade-designboom-06joystick has variable movement 


love-hulten-battlecade-designboom-07panels are removable for storage 


love-hulten-battlecade-designboom-08made of american walnut


love-hulten-battlecade-designboom-09the console folds into a portable carrier


love-hulten-battlecade-designboom-10carrier includes comfortable leather strap