bespoke ferrari california T shows tailor made program at auto shanghai
images courtesy of ferrari




showcasing the italian brand’s ‘tailor made’ program which allows clients to commission a car according to their preferences, the bespoke ferrari ‘california T’ was unveiled at the 2015 auto shanghai show. building upon the image of elegance, sportiness and versatility that the vehicle has illustrated since the 1950s, it also combines timeless sophistication. their designers have referenced two great icons of style, the actress ingrid bergman, known for her natural beauty and effortless chic, and the kennedy family as personified by jacqueline kennedy.

the elegant, sporty and versatile car is painted in ingrid bergman’s color, ‘grigio ingrid’.




painted in the ‘grigio ingrid’ color, the ‘califronia T’ has an interior, rich in materials and detail, sourcing furniture design as well as luxury goods, as its cues. its reddish brown seats, crafted from velvety ‘count prestige’ leather, are a reinterpretation of the ‘kennedee chair’ by jean-marie massaud. displaying its influence of america’s ‘former first family’, the cabin shows jackie’s impeccable taste, with waxed edges on the leather of the central console and the inside of the doors. taking note of all this, the inside still has a contemporary feel, featuring matte grey metallic details, black alcantara inserts and new zealand wool floor mats.

the seats are a variation on the kennedee chair by jean-marie massaud


the inside was influenced by jackie kennedy’s impeccable style, as shown with the white house redecoration