carbon fiber BESV panther PS1 is the lightest commuter electric-bike
images courtesy of BESV




the carbon fiber BESV panther PS1 pedal-assisted electric bicycle is a winner at the 2014 good design award. it received the accolade because of its advanced proprietary algorhytm power drive system and for being extremely lightweight. the frame is handmade and constructed with more than 10 layers of the composite material in order to offer a stiff structure that weighs only 16.9kg. 

front 3/4 view of the panther PS1




as part of the custom-built drive mechanics, the 250W motor functions with a long-lasting 36V sony battery that quietly delivers optimal force when demanded. it provides as much as 80 kilometers of power-assistance on a full five hour charge and works interchangeably between four system options. one of such is the smartmode which calculates the level of additional energy you need for maximum ride comfort.

the e-bike features a dual-shock suspension system that provides a comfortable ride


the bike’s display is equipped with their convenient BESV interface


the 1548 x 1120 x 600mm e-bike is available in white, red and yellow