bimota showcase their radical mono shock system with tesi 3D raceface at EICMA 2015
all images courtesy of bimota





bimota, an italian motorcycle company, specializes in tailor made machines specific to the visions of a single rider. the engineering team are masters at manufacturing carbon fiber front and rear swing-arm bikes. to this day, they are the only company in the world still focused on developing the distinctive swing-arm arrangement. at EICMA 2015, bimota showed their third edition – the ‘tesi 3D raceface’. 

bimota-tesi-3D-raceface-motorcycle-designboom-02the headlight design




the motorcycle features a 803cc l-twin four stroke engine attached to a six speed chain drive transmission. the main chassis is made from aluminum alloy plates, with structural carbon fiber front and rear swing-arms. the 2100mm long motorcycle also includes two massive ohlins monoshock suspension systems for both the rear and front wheels to handle tough compressions indistinguishable to a regular fork system. the unique front suspension transfers loads through the swing-arm while still minimizing the drop of the front, allowing for better control through turns at maximum speeds. check out our full coverage of EICMA 2015 here

bimota-tesi-3D-raceface-motorcycle-designboom-03the front carbon fiber swing-arm bimota-tesi-3D-raceface-motorcycle-designboom-04the classic bolts both aluminum plating with carbon fiber  bimota-tesi-3D-raceface-motorcycle-designboom-05the bimota ‘tesi 3D raceface’ is hand manufactured in rimini, italy