binauric openears record 3D sound for a complete listening experience
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true sounds we hear in the environment are very difficult to record with one typical microphone. like eyes, ears recongnize the world in 3D because they are factors that create depth to sound waves that only humans hear. stereo and surround sound systems don’t consider those factors, making it difficult to make it genuinely immersive. audio company binauric introduces binaural recording and listening alongside their new in-ear headphones called ‘openears’. binaural documenting is sound recording which uses two microphones located at the ears, which separately transmits to two channels, offer the user a more dynamic auditory experience. 


binauric’s kickstarter campaign video




the binauric ‘openears’ use high class microelectromechanical condenser microphones to record the true audio waves surrounding the user, where combined with video or photo visuals can capture notable moments. accompanied by bluetooth technology, the headphones can connect wirelessly to a gopro camera or smartphone device. to help with the experience, the binauric mobile app employs advanced digital sound signal processing to format the sound tracks. compatible with iOS and android, it can also share recordings, and even live stream directly from the headphones. the unique ’hearthrough’ feature allows the listener to decide between how much of their surrounds to hear, and the music being relayed. 

‘openears’ use bluetooth wireless conncetivity




the design blends customizable ergonomically shaped ear gels and wings that ensures fit, stability and noise cancellation. the ‘openears’ are water and sweat proof and have a frequency range of 18 Hz to 23kHz. for extreme athletes there are extra microphones available that can be placed securely on any helmet. the product is looking for funding on kickstarter, with mass production scheduled for march 2016.

it includes extra microphones that can be placed on any helmet


openears are designed with ergonomically shaped ear gels for fit and stability