heart-rate monitoring ‘biosport’ headphones by SMS audio and intel
images courtesy of SMS audio and intel




SMS audio, curtis ’50 cent’ jackson’s audio headphone brand, collaborates with intel corporation to create the first heart-rate monitoring personal audio system ‘biosport’ which converges lifestyle and technology innovation. the in-ear headphones enhance the fitness experience by utilizing advanced mechanics to gather heart rate, pace, distance, elevation and calorie burn data for athletes of all levels. this device enables reliable and consistent heart-rate progress tracking, without wearing a chest strap monitor, and extends the company’s recent sport collection.

pink SMS audio in-ear headphones




SMS audio aims to improve the way people around the world experience music by combining technology, function and style to their products. the ‘biosport’ fuses fitness with science by integrating biometric optical sensors into their patented ear-hook design. this empowers athletes to analyze their data through the mainstream fitness app runkeeper, and to stay motivated by music through the removing noise signals caused by body motion and breathing.

the ‘biosport’ continues SMS audio’s sport collection line




the 3.5 mm gold-plated audio jack harvests energy and provides the user with more freedom as no extra batteries or chargers are needed. the in-ear headphones also feature a tangle free cord that comprises of an in-line microphone, neoprene carrying case, and three sizes of ear gels and hooks. as well, they have an IPX4 rating for protection against sweat and resistance to water so the user can train worry-free. the SMS audio ‘biosport’ powered by intel are available from the fourth quarter of 2014.