björk has collaborated with microsoft to create AI-generated music based on on the changing weather patterns and position of the sun. called ‘kórsafn,’ which means ‘choir archive’ in icelandic, the composition will be played continuously in the lobby of sister city, a hotel in new york’s lower east side that opened in the spring of 2019.


kórsafn uses sounds from björk’s musical archives, which she has compiled over the last 17 years, to create new arrangements. it includes that of the hamrahlid choir from iceland, which björk used to be a member of and featured in her experimental theatre show, cornucopia.

bjork and microsoft use AI to create music that changes with the weather

images courtesy of microsoft



using microsoft’s AI, the music will adapt to sunrises, sunsets, and changes in barometric pressure, using a live camera feed from the sister city roof. the result is an endless string of new variations that creates an all-encompassing mood for guests. the ongoing computer vision project will train microsoft’s ai to better recognize dense and fluffy clouds, snow, rain, clear sky and birds in different lighting and seasons.


‘an architectural structure downtown manhattan offered me the hand in an AI tango and i accepted the call, I am alert with curiosity waiting the results’, says björk in a statement. ‘I offered them my choir archives, written over 17 years that will float through the pinball of artificial intelligence by the grid of bird migrations, clouds, aeroplanes and that voluptuous thing called barometer!


‘hudson valley happens to be one of the most bird-trafficked deltas on the planet, I know this of my own experience …. hope you will enjoy this!’

bjork and microsoft use AI to create music that changes with the weather



the composition is the second in a larger series of ‘lobby soundscapes’ created with the help of microsoft and sister city. the first was a piece from experimental artist julianna barwick that launched alongside the hotel itself in april 2019.


project info


artist: björk
company: microsoft
project: kórsafn, lobby soundscapes
location: sister city, new york