open platform blocks brings modularity to smartwatches
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at computex taipei 2015, qualcomm released concepts of a modular smartwatch named ‘blocks wearables’the device is a collaboration with tateossian, a british jewelry and accessories brand, that created customizable removable shells for each module, which allows for a blend of different colors, textures and materials. the company has adapted the wearable to provide modularity, letting users change parts of their watch to suit individual functions. the blocks smartwatch is powered by their ‘snapdragon 400’ processor and will run the latest android ‘lollipop’ operating system. the processor includes a ARM ‘cortex A7’ cpu, bluetooth and wifi connectivity and support for GPS, GSM and NFC. 



concept explanation by blocks




the watch face will use a circular color touchscreen, where it will be capable of receiving notifications from a smartphone, activity tracking and voice commands. the collaboration  has adapted the wearable to provide modularity in both visual and features appearance.  blocks smartwatch is built as an open platform, allowing other companies and individuals to design single modules of hardware to sell via the upcoming ‘blockstore’. a large variety of modules will be compatible with each other to ensure that users can build a smart watch tailored to virtually any application, with sensors for adventure sports, fitness and health tracking, work place access and payments or even industrial and research based uses. block wearables will be released through a crowdfunding campaign later this summer. 

it enables users to customize their blocks with a range of materials and colours to suit your individual style


each block is designed with removable covers 


the block smartwatch is powered by qualcomm ‘snapdragon 400’ processor


 each link can be tailored to any application