BMW’s nimble concept compact sedan targets younger drivers at auto guangzhou 2015
all images courtesy of BMW





BMW presented a contemporary vision of a four door sedan for the compact segment at auto guangzhou 2015 show in china. the german car-maker has conducted an in-depth observation and research for the segment’s development trends and target customers. their ‘concept compact sedan’ represents the adapting life styles of the youth generation in china. ‘the characterful design of the BMW concept compact sedan embodies the driving pleasure offered by a sporting car with minimised exterior dimensions,’  describes head of design BMW automobiles, karim habib. ‘it is as distinctive as it is essential – and, as such, it injects new life into the compact segment. this four-door sedan stands for everything that sets BMW apart.’ 

BMW-concept-compact-sedan-designboom-02 the front view of concept sedan




the nimble exterior of the BMW ‘concept compact sedan’ creates a familiar sedan silhouette based around a three box design. hallmark proportions sweep the bonnet and short wheelbase, while the slightly set-back glass roof underlines its sporting nature. the four doors are integrated into its proportions and allow easy entry for the driver and all passengers. discreet handles below the lines, open the doors as soon as a finger touches the metal surface. 

BMW-concept-compact-sedan-designboom-03 the latest in aerodynamic efficiencies are incorporated into the body




the cockpit exhibits a clear focus on the driver, with all the lines, forms and controls geared towards the person behind the wheel and their needs. the prominent lines taper into a head-up display which projects all the relevant information into the driver’s direct field of view. the lengthened horizontal lines and surfaces create generous feeling of space provide and a counterpoint to the cabin’s sporty styling. wood and brushed aluminum materials  spread across the whole dashboard and up top, the large panoramic roof overflows the interior with light furthermore extending the space above the passengers’ heads to underline the generous feeling of roominess. 

BMW-concept-compact-sedan-designboom-04 BMW’s mission was to design a sedan nimble and shorter 




‘the BMW concept compact sedan reveals the potential we see in a compact sedan,’ notes adrian van hooydonk, senior vice president BMW group design. ‘it not only gives the driver and passengers generous amounts of space within a compact area but does so while providing the sporting ability you’d expect from BMW and an elegance otherwise only available in large BMW sedans. the quality and intrinsic value of the BMW concept compact sedan are clear signals of our premium intentions for the car.’

BMW-concept-compact-sedan-designboom-05 the flowing rear taillights BMW-concept-compact-sedan-designboom-06 the rear trunk fuses with the glass panoramic roof BMW-concept-compact-sedan-designboom-07 the interior lines sweep towards the driver BMW-concept-compact-sedan-designboom-08 aluminum, wood and leather cover the whole cabin BMW-concept-compact-sedan-designboom-09 renders of the BMW ‘concept compact sedan’