BMW Concept XM is the first high-performance, electrified M car

BMW Concept XM is the first high-performance, electrified M car



almost 50 years after M – BMW’s high-performance sub-brand – raced on to the scene, the BMW Concept XM reveals the first standalone M car since the legendary M1 in 1972. the concept car looks ahead at their most powerful model ever to go into series production, energized through electric. the debuts continue as the model showcases a new design language dedicated to the emerging desires of expressive luxury.


BMW – as well as our customers – always wanted to have a standalone M car again, following the M1 back in 1972. it is the first ever electrified, high-performance purposed M. this is completely new and unique, from its design through to its technology and segment class, begins franciscus van meel, BMW M CEO, in an interview with designboom ahead of the concept car’s premiere at art basel miami 2021.

BMW Concept XM is the first high-performance, electrified M car
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the BMW Concept XM is a bold statement. the standalone M car hints at how electrification will underpin the brand’s famed driving pleasure in the near future, as M style performance is delivered in near silence. its exterior and interior design is expressive and luxurious, which manifests and reflects the extravagant character of the customer. production will start at the end of 2022.


BMW M was founded to deliver sportiness in luxury, and that is still our mission today.’ franciscus continues to explain, ‘there are three key parts for the future of BMW M. the first aims to answer how we can achieve the high-performance characteristics of M through electrification. the Concept XM delivers this as a hybrid, adding 80 km of electric range too. the second topic looks to understand the possibilities of motorsports now that it is fully integrated within the sub-brand. expressive luxury – how we can reflect the personality of our customers through the design – is the final point.

BMW Concept XM is the first high-performance, electrified M car



BMW’s future design language of expressive luxury


expressive luxury is immediately apparent at the front-end of the design. as instantly recognizable traits of BMW, slim headlight signatures sit either side of the kidney grille, which is highlighted by a near-octagonal outline of light. a black belt, borrowed from the 1972 M1, wraps around the waistline. taillight signatures extend around the flanks to span nearly the full width of the model. typical M traits continue as special logos are laser-etched into the rear window below the two cant rails.


people can see its high-performance characteristics from the design: the stance, upright A-pillars that create a strong cabin, the two jet engine-like air intakes on the bonnet, big wheels, and its long wheelbase,’ adds the BMW M CEO.

BMW Concept XM is the first high-performance, electrified M car



inside, the interior design is distinctly split into two cabins, each expressively luxurious in their own unique way. the front creates a driver-oriented cockpit lush with high-quality materials like leather, copper and carbon fiber. powerful geometry shapes the architecture, from the surfaces to the instrument panel, center console, door trim and more. subtle decorations, such as the tricolor trim, visually hint at the M-exclusive nature of the design. the rear reveals the M lounge – a personal and personality-reflecting space for passengers. an illuminated canopy of undulating prisms covers the deep, soft and velvet-upholstered bench. the result is a highly expressive, characterful yet comfortable environment for the occupant.






M has always been at the forefront, from its high-performance to its luxury,’ adds franciscus. ‘electrification needs to deliver the typical M characteristics, like precision, dynamics and power. today, there are a lot of electrified vehicles but not in the high-performance segment. that is what BMW is currently working on, highlighted through the Concept XM. its strong V8 engine, in combination with an electric motor, leads to even better performance: dynamics on the tracks, maximum acceleration from standstill and the emotions of the sound.


when it reaches roads in late 2022, the BMW Concept XM will be the most powerful M model available in series production. a V8 engine and electric motor combine to develop a maximum output of 750 hp and 1,000 Nm to torque. its plug-in hybrid nature ensures explosive acceleration from a standstill as well as powerful, precise dynamism once at speed. this balance ensured zero-compromise to M’s famed high-performance and even adds an electric range of up to 50 miles (80 km) on top.

BMW Concept XM is the first high-performance, electrified M car



the enhancement of new technologies has been ever-present in BMW M’s near 50-year history. every single evolution of our models needs to be better than previously. any powertrain decision, for example, is correct as long as performance improves.’ the CEO of BMW M continues to say, ‘electrification will be the norm one day. it is not a question of right or wrong, but a question of how BMW M will enhance the technology to deliver even higher performance.

BMW Concept XM is the first high-performance, electrified M car



a statement for the future in luxury, electrification and high-performance. we will see the concept car become reality in 2022.


the Concept XM proves high-performance can be electrically infused in a series production car. it goes one step further, though, as it is the first ever M vehicle that displays expressive luxury. our M customers want even more luxurious cars whilst still delivering our renowned high-performance characteristics. the Concept XM showcases this possibility. it is very bold, emotional and expressive,’ concludes franciscus van meel, BMW M CEO.

BMW Concept XM is the first high-performance, electrified M car
the expressive luxury of the M lounge, specifically, reflects the character of BMW M passengers



the model marks the first standalone M car since the legendary M1 in 1972



concept info:


brand: BMW

model: Concept XM

production date: late 2022

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