there’s certainly something special about seeing the BMW group’s four ‘next 100’ concept vehicles cruise casually down the street together in a new film from the german automobile manufacterers. the BMW motorrad vision next 100 motorcycle leads the way, followed closely behind by the mini future concept car, with the rolls royce and original BMW vision models bringing up the rear. the short film, powerfully titled ‘a new era has begun’ has been recently release by the BMW group and features all the group’s future concept vehicles as part of a future where cars ‘do more than simply transport.’




the next 100 movement is a commemoration of BMW group’s centenary that saw the celebration of the company’s 100-year anniversary by envisaging the next century of vehicle production. a next-generation concept car was designed for each of BMW’s brands and the short ‘a new era’ film is the first time the four vision vehicles have been shown together. the futuristic film centers around concepts like autonomous driving, safety through innovation and the idea of the car as a friendly companion and advisor in everyday situations. the film also highlights other areas of innovation, such as electro-mobility, shared mobility and connectivity.

the ‘a new era has begun’ film is the first time the quadlet of concepts have been shown together



BMW group portray a deeply connected future, where people drive only when they want to, and vehicles are customizable to their user’s tastes. whilst the ‘mini’ vision car concept centers on a companion that recognizes its rider, the rolls-royce vision next 100 ditches the steering wheels and pedals to focus on sheer luxury and comfort.

BMW’s concept designs underpin their philosophy of always looking to the future



‘”the next 100 years” was much more than just a celebration of our company’s anniversary,’ comments bill mc andrews,  head of communications strategy at BMW group. ‘our philosophy of constantly looking to the future and setting high standards of innovation is what drives the day-to-day work of BMW group associates. in the film “a new era” we are underscoring this idea and adapting it to our corporate strategy in the coming months and years.’

the BMW and MINI concept cars cruise alongside each other

the ‘next 100’ mini is designed to be a personal companion

the BMW future concept car

the BMW motorrad next 100 motorcycle is the most recent addition to the futuristic group 

the ‘next 1oo’ rolls royce exudes luxury