BMW concept at CES 2016 looks to fuse automation and driver in simple cockpit unity
all images courtesy of BMW




vehicles with highly automated driving increases the need for a user friendliness with the presentation of information and for digital networking of the information. at CES 2016, BMW used the concept ‘i vision future interaction’ to show what user interface of the future might look like – including support from high resolution vehicle displays where the content responds to the situation. in order to make the interaction of the passengers with the vehicle as intuitive as possible, all functions are controlled using touch sensitive surfaces, gestures and voice. 

BMW-i-vision-future-interaction-concept-designboom-02the BMW ‘i vision future interaction’ concept is based on the ‘i8 spyder’ 




the concept car combines intelligent lightweight construction with the advanced drive technology of BMW ‘eDrive’ and is based on the ‘i8 concept spyder’. it is finished in the exterior colour of ‘e-copper orange’ with highlights being accented in ‘frozen grey’, and in high-gloss black below the entrance. a top priority for designers was to integrate the architecture of the large panorama display into the basic concept of the interior design and to accommodate elements in the surface structure which are typical for BMW ‘i’ vehicles. the instrument dashboard therefore has a structure which is comprised of overlaid pentagons and hexagons. the interior compartment is styled with a mix of color and material made up of plastic, carbon and leather, which creates an aura of high quality, emotionality and thoroughbred pedigree. the seats are upholstered in leather amido and textile, and a leather core made of natural leather. the same leather is also used on the dashboard, combined with a monofilament technical textile which also provides the floor covering for the BMW ‘i vision future interaction’ and the buttons on the steering wheel made of polished aluminum. 

 BMW-i-vision-future-interaction-concept-designboom-03the rear view




 the interior has a thoroughbred, sporty and flexible profile the supports the driver in manual driving mode and also when the vehicle is in its highly automated mode. it proves an opportunity to relax in the innovatively designed seats and to make proactive use of the time gained through the expanded content available on the central information display.

BMW-i-vision-future-interaction-concept-designboom-04all functions are controlled using touch sensitive surfaces, gestures and voice




the concept also has a head-up display instrument cluster with a 3D display and a 21 inch panorama display which extends over almost the entire passenger side. the driver receives key driver information on the displays, which reflects the most important data such as speed limits or navigation information within the field of vision on the front windscreen. the highly automated driving displays the road ahead or oncoming vehicles, and if the driver needs to take over command of the vehicle, the system provides an appropriate alert. the technology acts predictively so that the driver has at least five to seven seconds to respond. while the driver remains active at the steering wheel, information in reduced scope is displayed on the large panorama display in order to minimize distraction and maintain the focus entirely on what is happening on the road.

BMW-i-vision-future-interaction-concept-designboom-05the interior compartment is styled with a mix of color and material made up of plastic, carbon and leather 




to help the driver, ’airtouch’ offers gesture control for all communication, information and entertainment functions in the vehicle. sensors are installed in the area of the dashboard panel with responds to hand movements. a movement of the hand can be used to go to a position on the display and the selected icon is highlighted visually. if the hand is moved forward, the icon is activated or the menu displays the next level.

BMW-i-vision-future-interaction-concept-designboom-06the dashboard is comprised of overlaid pentagons and hexagons BMW-i-vision-future-interaction-concept-designboom-07the steering wheel is made of polished aluminum BMW-i-vision-future-interaction-concept-designboom-08the concept also has a head-up screen instrument cluster with a 3D display BMW-i-vision-future-interaction-concept-designboom-09in different modes, the steering wheel changes color