the ‘BMW i8 spyder’ hybrid convertibleall images courtesy BMW group



the ‘i8 spyder’ by BMW is a convertible model based on the company’s 2009 hybrid ‘i8’ coupe, set to be shown at beijing auto show 2012 for possible production in 2015. like its predecessor, the ‘BMW i8 spyder’ features edrive, a plug-in hybrid drivetrain composed of a turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline engine for the rear wheels and electric motor for the front, capable of also working in tandem for all-wheel drive. the lithium-ion battery is stored beneath the car’s body. BMW’s ‘lifedrive‘ architecture dictated the engineering design of the ‘spyder’, whose chassis is composed of lightweight, carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic, while the modules connected most operational components are manufactured primarily of aluminum.

BMW i8 spyder convertible 3/4 rear view of the ‘BMW i8 spyder’



 the ‘spyder’ is slightly shorter than the ‘i8’ coupe, featuring upward-swinging windowless doors. a transparent glass panel at its rear opens up to two electric kickboard scooters. spoiler lips, aircurtains, and aeroflaps increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle. a two-piece folding roof is expected for the future production model.

BMW i8 spyder convertible front view with doors raised

BMW i8 spyder convertible side view, doors raised

BMW i8 spyder convertible profile, doors closed

BMW i8 spyder convertible from above

BMW i8 spyder convertible interior view



the BMW ‘i’ concept is centered around forward-thinking, connected vehicles, and the central information display of the ‘BMW i8 spyder’ provides information about the hybrid system as well as vehicle controls, linked to intelligent navigation and traffic guidance systems to aid in route calculations. fuel consumption history helps drivers optimize their own techniques and driving style. data about calendar appointments can be automatically synched daily to a user’s smartphone, which can be left in the car for simultaneous charging overnight.

BMW i8 spyder convertible steering wheel and dashboard

BMW i8 spyder convertible detail on rear case with electric scooters

BMW i8 spyder convertible concept sketch of the electric kickboards included in the rear of the ‘i8 spyder’