the ‘motorrad e’ electric scooter concept by BMWall images courtesy BMW group



the ‘motorrad e’ is an electric maxi scooter concept by BMW, designed to offer the motorcycle-like performance of the company’s 2-cylinder combustion engine motorrad scooters with completely electric technology. the ‘motorrad e’ is on exhibition at the frankfurt international motor show. the vehicle’s body features a sporty shape, with a twin-tipped front spoiler, low cut windshield, and foreshortened rear. light alloy wheels mimic the style of the BMW i electric car concept vehicles, while the metals and acrylic glass used for the body include a range of contrasting colours. conventional side mirrors are replaced by two rear video cameras that feed to two LCD monitors installed in the cockpit. a central digital display depicts speed, gasoline usage, and other relevant data.

BMW motorrad electric scooter 3/4 rear view



the vehicle charges via standard household power sockets, attaining a full charge in under three hours and therein providing a driving range of 100 kilometers. these numbers are made feasible by intelligent battery management and brake energy recuperation systems, built alongside performance technology that lets the ‘motorrad’ equal the acceleration rates and continuous output characteristic of a combustion engine maxi scooter. 

BMW motorrad electric scooter front view

BMW motorrad electric scooter cockpit

BMW motorrad electric scooter detail on controls

BMW motorrad electric scooter detail on rear



video preview of the ‘motorrad e’