BMW depicts it’s future through vision next 100 variable autonomy concept
all images courtesy of BMW




to help visualize plans for the future, BMW uncovered the ‘vision next 100’ concept. the vehicle combines a sporty coupé with the functionality of a sedan while still integrating autonomous technology that is customizable to tailor the driver’s changing needs. 

BMW-vision-next-100-concept-designboom-02the BMW ‘next 100 years’ concept 




‘if, as a designer, you are able to imagine something, there’s a good chance it could one day become reality,’ explains adrian van hooydonk, head of BMW group design. ‘so our objective with the BMW vision next 100 was to develop a future scenario that people would engage with. technology is going to make significant advances, opening up fantastic new possibilities that will allow us to offer the driver even more assistance for an even more intense driving experience. my personal view is that technology should be as intuitive as possible to operate and experience so that future interactions between human, machine and surroundings become seamless. the BMW vision next 100 shows how we intend to shape this future.’

the front view




the car’s interactions are managed by different modes that offer a choice of driver-controlled or vehicle-controlled operations and the interior changes to suit the options. in ‘boost’, the entire vehicle focuses on the driver, offering the support needed to maximize the riding experience by indicating the ideal driving line, steering points and speed. ‘ease’ mode sees the interior retract all controls, and transform the seats into a lounge accommodation for passengers to interact face-to-face. 

the micro triangular panels adjust the aerodynamics 




the design team specifically took into account all the trends and technological developments that will be most relevant to BMW in the next decades. but they also took cues from the innovations and designs of the past. the large wheels are positioned at the outer edges of the body, giving the vehicle a dynamic stance. exterior aerodynamics are controlled by adaptive geometries. when the wheels swivel, the bodywork keeps them covered as if it were a flexible skin, accommodating their various positions. for the BMW ‘vision next 100’ primarily used fabrics made from recycled or renewable materials.

the vehicle is constructed from renewable materials and carbon fiber 

the wing doors doors 

the interior dashboard folds together with the exterior structure 

the car would be completely electric 

the interior seats 

different modes allow the driver to control the car

designer adrian van hooydonk presenting the concept