B&O PLAY by bang & olufsen unveils powerful portable beolit 15 speaker
images courtesy of jeppe soerensen




designed by danish designer cecilie manz, B&O PLAY by bang & olufsen unveils the ultra flexible and powerful performing ‘beolit 15’ speaker. it follows on from the recognizable ‘beolit 12‘, packing in an array of high technology to showcase acclaimed acoustics, premium materials and pure scandinavian design. within its anodized aluminum housing that takes form cues from the ‘beoplay A2‘, it features true360 omni-directional sound solution that ensures everyone enjoys the same music experience, no matter where they are in a room.
the natural champagne color option




‘at B&O PLAY we constantly push ourselves to innovate – but also to constantly refine the best to be even better’ says henrik taudorf lorensen, head of B&O PLAY and continues, ‘beolit 12 was released in 2012 and is a great and iconic product. with beolit 15, we have taken that product and refined it even further – completely redesigning the acoustic structure and bringing in many of our recent innovations like true360 sound and great battery life. we believe it is the best music system of its kind in the market.’

the full grain leather handle elegantly contrasts with the anodized aluminum body




‘beolit 15 stands out with its anodized aluminum grill smoothly wrapped around the speaker and its full grain leather strap that lets you carry it around your home easily – yet it blends in with its clean lines and cool colors’, says cecilie manz, the danish designer behind beolit 15 and continues, ‘the speaker body is made from strong and durable polymer and there is a non – slip rubber tray on top of the speaker for your mobile devices. it’s a product built to last – all over the house. you could call it a strong little workhorse – dependable and unspoiled.’





the ‘beolit 15’ also includes bang & olufsen’s lauded signature sound technology, to provide honest, forceful and clean noise reproduction. using adaptive power management which minimizes battery consumption, the highly portable speaker has a continuous use time of 24 hours from a single charge. the device is available in polar blue, natural champagne and shaded rosa, and connects to phones, tablets and laptops via bluetooth 4.0.

it’s design references the small ‘beoplay A2’ portable speaker


it can be controlled using the top’s buttons or via the connected smart device


the close-up showcases the product’s premium materials


powerful music surrounds the listeners thanks to the true360 omni-directional sound technology




the beolit 15 in polar blue


shaded rosa is another color choice