meet the oaxis glo, the data eager weight scale
images courtesy of oaxis




taking aim at reaching new heights in body analysis and health statistics, the weight scale is undergoing a major overhaul from oaxis. with a smartphone (android or iOS) the ‘glo: bluetooth smart body analyzer’ becomes exponentially more influential in anyone’s health fitness regiment. with height and age inputted, it measures the body mass index and the total body fat percentage. to help understand the users skeletal health, it also calculates bone mass, hydration levels and the biological age based on computed health and fitness levels. the paired app creates easy to read charts and graphs that visualize the progress. the scale is made of hardened glass, has a footprint of 340mm by 240mm, weighs two kilograms and is designed to withstand the humid and wet bathroom environment. using bluetooth low energy wireless syncing, the ‘glo’ will automatically identify each mobile device as it approaches. the scale comes in two colors, white or black, but also incorporates LEDs to customize up to six different personalized profiles.

available in two colors, black and white


six customised colors to choose from to personalise each profile


the scales glass covered, and water resistant