japanese multinational company TDK has created ‘bons-AI’, the artificially intelligent and interactive bonsai plant with the ability to offer emotional support. it features a soil sensor, miniature camera to control its movements, and an LED panel to convey its emotions. 


bons-AI moves around and searches for sunlight by itself using an axis sensor which aids its stability. when it finds it, it lights up the LED lines integrated into its pot signalling its satisfaction. the plant is part of TDK’s attracting tomorrow project, an initiative which hopes to develop various tools and content that to bring us closer to the future.


video by TDK official channel



it also has a miniature speaker which is utilized to offer inspiring quotes in the form of worldy advice. a shapeable film solar cell for power supply and illuminance sensing, wireless electricity supply device, and a base with tiny condensers, inductors, and a micro computer conclude all other specifications.


right now the plant is only in concept stage with no official statement on release dates.