bosch automated driving and assisted transportation systemsimage courtesy bosch



as self-driving cars continue to progress in new technological developments, new safety measures are being introduced to reduce accidents and pedestrian casualties. high-performance driver assistance systems will soon be able to analyze complex traffic situations and act either independently or with supporting the driver. with an increasing level of automation, these functions will reduce the driver’s burden more and more, thereby creating space for productivity, communication or entertainment while driving.


german electronics company bosch is developing solutions for an intelligent forward thinking vehicle – making the vision of injury and accident free driving reality. automated driving will help synchronize traffic flow, reducing travel times and fuel consumption – creating an interconnected environment, allowing for users to have a more productive experience on the road. holistic mobility concepts and services will pave the way for personalized environment-friendly travel.



bosch automated driving and assisted transportation systems

automated intelligent driving networkimage courtesy bosch



bosch automated driving and assisted transportation systems

sensors mounted on a self-driving BMWimage courtesy bosch



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bosch driver assistance systemvideo courtesy boschautomotive