with technologies in the field constantly developing at higher and higher velocities, the bosch ebike design vision is a concept that not only visualizes what the future might look like for electric bicycles but also marks the 10th anniversary of the brand’s drive system. this system – first released onto the market in 2010 – can virtually fit any type of bike frame whilst offering electric-powered assistance, but the design vision itself defines an urban sports cruiser suitable for city adventures, commuter trips and short off-road trails.

bosch conceptualizes fully integrated ebike design vision of the future
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our aim in developing the ebike design vision is to show what is already possible today when it comes to functional design integration and investigate where the journey might take us in the future,says claus fleischer, CEO of bosch ebike systems. ‘the emphasis is on the joy of ebiking – and visual and design aspects play an important role here, as do optimum riding dynamics, whether on the road or on the trail. ‘it is important to us that our products should provide the perfect basis for manufacturers’ future design concepts. that’s why we continue to develop our system, aiming for a natural, comfortable and connected ebike riding experience.

bosch conceptualizes fully integrated ebike design vision of the future



the bosch ebike design vision is formed of a slim, clean and sophisticatedly-designed carbon frame which rises into the handlebar. to start, the front and rear suspensions are fully integrated into this structure. then the integrated battery and cover tapers onto the drive unit at the base of the bicycle to define the contrasting white and black components of the frame. overall, its reduced form helps create its dynamic appearance.

bosch conceptualizes fully integrated ebike design vision of the future



matching the frame itself, the carbon handlebar unit is equally as clean and linear in design. there is a fully connected nyon onboard computer in the center of the cockpit, which displays speed, power and more. two brake levers complete the black bars, but the cables and wiring are visually hidden within the structure. across the ebike, other equipment are disguised within. this includes the ABS unit behind the front luggage rack, which delivers comfort in all types of cycling. the front LED is attached underneath the front luggage rack, too, and the LED rear light is integrated into the frame to highlight its futuristic image.



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brand: bosch

model: ebike design vision