boston dynamics add ‘spotmini’ robot to their electric zoo 




boston dynamics have recently been put up for sale by google, however, in no way has this slowed down their approach to building innovative robots.
the giraffe-like robot features an advanced range of movement capabilities 



‘spotmini’ is a new smaller version of the ‘spot’ robot, weighing 55 lbs dripping wet (65 lbs if you include its arm.) the all-electric robot operates using no hydraulics and runs for about 90 minutes on a charge, depending on whatever the activity is that it’s doing.

the robot can also empty the dishwasher thanks to its sensitive range of sensors



the masachussettes-based company boston dynamics, most famous for their ‘bigdog’ robot, claim that it’s one of the quietest robots it has ever built. boasting a variety of sensors, including depth cameras, a solid state gyro and proprioceptive sensors in the limbs; these sensors help with navigation and mobile manipulation. the giraffe-like robot performs some tasks autonomously, but often uses a human for high-level guidance.

spotmini can scale staircases

wearing an electric pink protective frame around its electronics

boston dynamics spotmini robot