the engineers behind braeön have developed an adventure-proof tape that’s as strong as steel, as flexible as rope and as malleable as putty. the paper-thin ribbon—made of a super high-strength synthetic fiber together with a thermoplastic—molecularly fuses to itself in a matter of seconds when heated, allowing it to be moulded and remoulded into any shape. designed as a more versatile alternative to rope, braeön is the product of a female-owned company whose founding team has over 100 years of combined experience in the development of heavy duty plastics and composite materials. 

braeön is a thermoplastic-based polymer that is thin as paper yet thronger than steel



a single ribbon of braeön boasts a tensile strength of over 2000 pounds, yet 100 ft of the material weighs less than one lb. the tape’s unusual strength is due to the decoupling of its molecules when heated, rendering it malleable and suitable to a whole range of outdoor applications. no tools are required, all the user must do is heat the tape, and hand press it into its desired shape whether that be a tow strap, a knife handle grip, a harness or whatever you choose to create. once cooled, the molecules recouple and the self-bonding material hardens, creating a structure that’s as strong as steel.


the thermoplastic tape has a multitude of uses



braeön has been demonstrated being used to make rivets, to replace broken chain links, and even to create a splint for a broken finger. the smart material is reusable and reformable, adapts to most situations and can even be painted. a 20 ft roll of the product comes neatly housed in a custom-designed tin, making it a staple for any outdoor enthusiast’s backpack or kitchen drawer. braeön’s base materials do not pick up any moisture, so the material remains waterproof, and the structure gets even stronger as the outside temperature drops.

100 ft of braeön weighs less than 1 lb



braeön are so confident in their product that they have even challenged weightlifters to the strength challenge, in which they must try to break a loop of tape without altering the material. the manifacturers have also partnered with sled racer laura neese, as part of an ongoing initiative to support women’s involvement with the outdoors. 

the plastic tape’s molecules decouple when heated, rendering it soft and flexible

the tape’s molecules recouple when cooled to create a steel-strength bond

braeön is strong enough to carry concrete blocks
the steel-like tape can be used to replace a broken chain link
braeön’s tape is the first of what will be a family of multi-purpose, industrial grade consumer plastics


the tape promises to be a staple in any outdoot enthusiast’s toolkit