‘aeroshot’ aerosol caffeine inhaler

invented by harvard university professor david edwards of artscience labs and in production via the lab store (creators of le whif breathable chocolates and vitamins), ‘aeroshot pure energy‘ is an aerosol-based, calorie-free caffeine inhaler.

each ‘aeroshot’ contains 100 mg of caffeine, the same amount that is in a large cup of coffee. to use the device, one pulls on the lower, yellow-green section to extend it and inhales through the slit on the other end. pushing the sections back together closes the device, so that users can determine how much caffeine to intake at any given time (each ‘aeroshot’ offers six to eight ‘puffs’ in all, for the total of 100mg). liquid-free, the device bypasses TSA regulations for flight travel.

‘aeroshot’ is available beginning in boston and new york, USA, in early 2012, for the expected price of approximately 2.50 USD each.

breathable caffeine: aeroshot from le whif device in use

breathable caffeine: aeroshot from le whif detail view