bridgestone angelino petite electric bicycle

with 300,000 units already sold in japan, the bridgestone ‘angelino assista e-bike helps mothers transport their children using integrated child seat and safety systems. equipped with an aluminium frame and a 240w brushless motor, it provides 37 miles (60 km) of range before needing to be recharged. its ‘auto eco plus mode’ assists users according to the slope of the road.

the inclusion of ‘the super angel seat 2.0’ provides added protection and comfort for children based on scientific experiments. a reclining function has been added to this new style of high-grade baby seat, where it incorporates a flexible urethane head guard and seat belt for ultimate safety. by adding sliding foot rests to the chair, the parents are able to adjust sizes based on a kid’s growth cycles, and when not in use, it can be closed and transformed into a shopping basket.

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the main feature is that it has been designed with a low center of gravity with the use of 20-inch diameter fat tires, which provides it with high levels of stability and makes it easy to control and difficult to topple over even when loaded with two children. these stable tires are known as ‘gotsuku futoku’ sporty tires. despite the small diameter of the tires, they have ample air volume to provide vibration suppression and stability on rough roads, and anxiety-free levels of load durability even when three people weighing up to 100kg are on the bicycle. the frame was also developed from scratch together with the tires.

the low center of gravity provides excellent handling balance and a comfortable, carefree ride both on the straights and on the bends. in addition, the shape of the open wide frame makes the bicycle easy to pedal when wearing a skirt and prevents the knees from coming into contact with the front child seat, even when men are riding, and it has a durable and tough aluminum frame with sufficient strength, rigidity and stability to carry three people (the rider and two children.) the child seats are located low on the bicycle to enable children to be placed on and lifted off both the front and rear seats smoothly (the lowest design of all 3-seater bicycles.

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the front child seat is equipped with a reclining function, the first of its type developed within the industry. it is also fully equipped with all functions to guarantee the safety and comfort of children, including a head-guard that will protect the child’s head in the event of the bicycle toppling over, adjustable head-guard and footrests that take the growth of the child into consideration, and a handlebar locking device and wide stand to prevent the bicycle from toppling over when parked. this motor-assisted functions include a main switch equipped with a digital meter that is located near at hand for easy operations, the S.P.E.C.3. function, which provides finely-tuned assistance in alignment with the gears, and the auto eco mode plus function that automatically controls the assistance power in accordance with all cycling scenarios. the Angelino petite assista is one of a total of four small-diameter motor-assisted bicycles for three riders (rider + two children) and normal bicycles in the series — 69,800 yen to 141,800 yen (including tax).