model no.3 bicycle by budnitz will handle everything the city throws at you
all images courtesy of budnitz





meet the budnitz ‘model no.3’, the latest evolution of the company’s ultimate all-around city bicycle. completely re-engineered from the ground up, the do-anything bicycle is for fast and fun city riding, and every day commuting. the new ‘no.3’ twin tube single arc cantilever frame features elegant double curved down tubes that increases lateral stiffness for speed while absorbing road shock for comfort. the layout is available in a titanium frame that weighs just 3.6 pounds. 

budnitz-limited-edition-pitch-black-bicycle-designboom-02 29-inch wheels with 2.35-inch tires



clean and silent, the carbon belt drive weighs a third of a traditional bike chain and won’t get rider’s pants dirty. buyers have a choice of single-speed or up to 14 speeds and a massive 526% gear range in a high-tech internal hub from rohloff or shimano. big 29 inch wheels and 2.35 inch tires, combined with a long wheelbase and aggressive geometry make the model equally at home on pavement, cobblestones, rough asphalt, and dirt. 

budnitz-limited-edition-pitch-black-bicycle-designboom-03 the twin-tube single arc cantilever framebudnitz-limited-edition-pitch-black-bicycle-designboom-04the titanium frame weighs just 3.6 poundsbudnitz-limited-edition-pitch-black-bicycle-designboom-05budnitz offers the frame in an assortment of colors budnitz-limited-edition-pitch-black-bicycle-designboom-06the double curved down tubes increase lateral stiffness budnitz-limited-edition-pitch-black-bicycle-designboom-07the titanium riser handlebars budnitz-limited-edition-pitch-black-bicycle-designboom-08both the front and rear hubs feature disc brakes budnitz-limited-edition-pitch-black-bicycle-designboom-09the carbon belt drive