bugatti chiron is world’s fastest car with a maximum speed limited to 420 km/hour 
all images courtesy of bugatti




for the 2016 geneva motor show, french luxury brand bugatti has unveiling the ‘chiron’. the latest generation of the exclusive lineup is completely redeveloped. the manufacturer from molesheim, with its long tradition, has taken the unique features of a modern bugatti to a high level and developed a high performance machine that has become significantly better in every respect. with a power of 1,500 hp, the ‘chiron’ sets another new standard in every respect. it has been limited to a maximum speed of 420 km/h for road use and only 500 will be produced. 

the bugatti ‘chiron’ at the grand palais, paris 




‘it is part of human nature to cross boundaries and set new records – to run 100 m faster than ever before, to fly even further into space and to enter new realms. this striving is also our driving force at bugatti,’ explains wolfgang dürheimer, president of bugatti automobiles. ‘the chiron is the result of our efforts to make the best even better.’


an eight-liter W16 engine is a combination of four new, larger turbochargers that are controlled by the bugatti two-stage turbocharging an innovation that bugatti is introducing, and a large number of other technical refinements and innovations, maximum performance is available constantly and can be easily controlled at all speeds. 

the bugatti is equipped with an eight-liter W16 engine




with a carbon fiber monocoque, a newly designed adaptive chassis, tires developed especially for bugatti and other innovative technologies, the ‘chiron’ is not only a champion in terms of maximum acceleration but is, for the first time, also agile. 

the car can reach speeds of 420 km/h 

only 500 will be produced 

the rear exhaust 

the interior cabin