london architect massimo minale channels his passion for motorcycles with ldn born mutt
all images courtesy of buster + punch





london architect and industrial designer massimo ‘buster’ minale launched buster + punch in 2013. following a career at foster & partners, he eventually carved out a reputation with his precision-cut lighting and crafted hardware. his passion for making products is matched only by his interest in motorcycles and metalwork. the ‘ldn born mutt’ is a 125cc engine collaboration with mutt motorcycles. custom finished with buster + punch paintwork and detailing, the small city rider has a 12 liter fuel tank with 12 hp and a top speed of 70 mph. equipped with 18 inch twinduro tyres, each bike is a numbered limited edition with a custom upholstered seat and colored rear shocks. the buster + punch ‘ldn born mutt’ is available in a limited run of only 50 editions.

buster+punch-LDN-born-mutt-designboom-02the front yellow LED headlamp buster+punch-LDN-born-mutt-designboom-03the custom paintjob is matched to the rear suspension springs buster+punch-LDN-born-mutt-designboom-04only 50 will be made buster+punch-LDN-born-mutt-designboom-05the ‘ldn born mutt’ is equipped with 18 inch twinduro tyres buster+punch-LDN-born-mutt-designboom-06it has a top speed of 70 mph buster+punch-LDN-born-mutt-designboom-07the motorcycle is powered by a four-stroke 125 cc engine