the ‘C-1’ (‘rolling smartphone’) combines the design concepts of a motorcycle and car

with a prototype exhibited at the maker faire bay area 2012, the ‘C-1‘ by lit motors is a gyroscopically stabilized electric urban vehicle combining the efficiency and small size of a motorcycle with the safety and durability of a car. the craft is nicknamed ‘the rolling smartphone’ for its extensive connectivity to mobile devices, integrated to account for traffic, weather conditions, and construction sites when selecting driving routes.

the ‘C-1’ uses electronically controlled gyroscopes to keep balanced at a stop, remaining upright even in the event of collision. charging completely in four to six hours, the vehicle has a top speed of over 120mph (193km/hr), with battery packs that provide a range of 150 to 220 miles (241-354 km) per charge.

accessible via a swinging door on either side, the vehicle provides room for two in motorcycle-riding-like configuration, and/or small amounts of cargo. a production model is expected in lit showrooms in late 2014, with the target price of 12,000 to 16,000 USD.

concept and demo video for the lit ‘C-1’

C 1 'rolling smartphone' electric vehicle drivers exit and entry via a regular swinging door on either side of the vehicle

C 1 'rolling smartphone' electric vehicle 3/4 rear view

C 1 'rolling smartphone' electric vehicle top view

C 1 'rolling smartphone' electric vehicle LED-lit wheels increase visibility

C 1 'rolling smartphone' electric vehicle design sketch

C 1 'rolling smartphone' electric vehicle cut-away render showing rider configuration for 2 persons

timelapse video of the building of the ‘C-1’ model

UPDATE (6/5/12): gizmag goes hands-on with the ‘C-1’ and interviews company founder daniel kim at the lit studio