cadillac ATS sedan at detroit auto show




the 2013 ‘cadillac ATS’, debuted at detroit auto show 2012, represents the GM luxury brand’s foray into the compact sports sedan market, expected to offer significant competition to the BMW 3 series that originally created this segment.

cadillac ATS sedan at detroit auto show side view




the ‘ATS’ features almost entirely new technology and components, utilizing GM’s proprietary lightweight ‘alpha’ architecture to keep its weight to under 3400 pounds (1542 kg) with a 50/50 weight balance. an aluminum hood, magnesium engine mounts, and natural-fiber door trim panels all contribute to the low mass, although engineers left certain features intact to optimize other conditions, like a cast iron differential in order to improve fuel economy or additional aluminum on the wheels to reduce vibration. the car is the first application of GM’s new second generation ecotec four-cylinder engine.

cadillac ATS sedan at detroit auto show 3/4 rear view

the vehicle’s exterior includes LED front signature detailing and illuminating door handles. its grille shutters automatically close at certain highway speeds to reduce aerodynamic drag and enhance fuel economy. inside, customers may select from a range of interior colour themes, all spearheaded by the central panel of cadillac’s ‘CUE‘ (‘comprehensive, in-vehicle user experience’) technology, streamlining infotainment, navigation, and communication into a single interface easily integratable with smartphones, iPods, and other devices. an 8-inch LCD touch screen offers intuitive functionality, featuring proximity sensing to fade icons that are not in use or illuminate the screen when a hand approaches the screen. the screen is controlled with gesture-based swiping, tapping, and flicking, while the digital buttons pulse in mimicry of tactile commands. the 12.3-inch LCD dashboard is customizable into one of four screen layouts, showcasing a range of fuel levels, speed, navigation, phone, and entertainment info.

cadillac ATS sedan at detroit auto show interior view

cadillac ATS sedan at detroit auto show closer view of steering wheel and console

cadillac ATS sedan at detroit auto show the vehicle is produced in a range of interior colour combinations

the ‘cadillac ATS’ will be released first as a sedan, divided across a base, luxury, performance, and premium model. coupe, convertible, and wagon versions of the design are to be developed over the next two to three years.

cadillac ATS sedan at detroit auto show detail on front

cadillac ATS sedan at detroit auto show the car being unveiled during the 2012 detroit auto show