canyon melds the details to design fully integrated triathlon road bike
all images courtesy of canyon





to enhance the aerodynamics, canyon took a different system to their computational fluid dynamics analysis and wind tunnel testing. the aim was to create the most efficient setup at 50 km/h, so the re-evaluated ‘speedmax CF SLX’ has a reconsidered geometry to further enhance its ride and handling performance. by optimizing the steering angle, they have further improved the bike’s high-speed stability. thanks to the vast array of adjustments possible around the seat and cockpit, it is easier to achieve a more compact and efficient riding position. from the frame’s tube profiles to the form of each individual component, every element has been shaped and sculpted in the pursuit of absolute aerodynamic efficiency.

canyon-speedmax-cf-slx-road-bike-designboom-02everything has been radically stylized to be aerodynamic




everything a rider requires for training and race day can be stored seamlessly inside the top tube. the gear box comes equipped with two cartridges, two tyre levers and spare inner-tube encased inside a soft neoprene shell between the top and down tubes. the makes fast puncture repairs possible to get back in the race. 

canyon-speedmax-cf-slx-road-bike-designboom-03storage area for food and extra tubes




nutrition storage that conforms both aesthetically and aerodynamically is hard tom come by. canyon made space for all the gels, bars and hydration tablets needed by the rider for the toughest races out there. thanks to a removable adapter, additional bottle cages connect to the rear of the seat post. compatible with either one or two standard bottles, the mount is simple to instal and easy to access when riding. 

canyon-speedmax-cf-slx-road-bike-designboom-04the handlebar integrates a hydration system




developed in partnership with profile design, the hydration source is simple to refill in the heat of the race to increase the amount of time the rider spends in the optimum aero position. integration need not be complex, the hydration source is simple to install and drink while the entire lid is detachable for effective cleaning. the integrated garmin mount in the handlebar keeps things clean up front and puts vital stats with a clear sight of the rider. 

canyon-speedmax-cf-slx-road-bike-designboom-05water bottle holder profiled with the seat post 




‘our aim wasn’t just to create the fastest bike, but the fastest looking bike as well,’ describes canyon engineer, wolfgang kohl. ‘when the speedmax CF SLX is in the transition zone it almost looks incomplete because it’s so clean, but everything you need is there, exactly where you want it. when we say it’s race-ready, that’s exactly what we mean.’ 

canyon-speedmax-cf-slx-road-bike-designboom-06the braking system in the front fork canyon-speedmax-cf-slx-road-bike-designboom-07the handlebar layout canyon-speedmax-cf-slx-road-bike-designboom-08the optimizing steering angle canyon-speedmax-cf-slx-road-bike-designboom-09designed for professional triathlon athletes