casio has announced the release of a new watch addition to the full metal construction GMW-B5000 series that features a laser-carved grid design. the new timepiece inherits the iconic square design and shock resistance of the original G-SHOCK (DW-5000C), released in 1983, but comes with a metal exterior achieved with cutting-edge technology.casio releases G-SHOCK full metal watch with laser-etched grid designall images courtesy of casio



casio‘s GMW-B5000 is a watch series boasting an evolved exterior with full metal construction of all outer parts while maintaining the shape of the first G-SHOCK ever, and adding further advanced functionality, such as radio wave reception and smartphone connectivity. since the release of the GMW-B5000 in 2018, casio has continued to create inventive palette schemes and patterns using unique combinations of colors, materials, and surface finishes. these include black ion plating, aged finish, and camouflage design, to ensure the aesthetics of the series continues to evolve.




the newly-launched GMW-B5000CS features a grid design in the image of a time tunnel that connects the past with the future. a ‘near-future’ design with prominent silver lines was forged by applying black ion plating finish to the bezel, band and buckle surface, while bringing out an underlying color scheme using a laser to carve out the latticed pattern. the new model is equipped with smartphone connectivity—which allows automatic time correction to be performed four times a day and makes it easy to select cities for world time and adjust other settings easy—and comes with other exceptionally practical features, including a high-luminosity full auto LED backlight.casio releases G-SHOCK full metal watch with laser-etched grid design

casio releases G-SHOCK full metal watch with laser-etched grid design



project info:



name: G-SHOCK GMW-B5000CS

company: casio