celestis will launch your deceased pet into outer space




celestis pets is the first memorial spaceflight company that will launch the remains of your dog or cat into outer space. the service has already conducted twelve journeys with human remains on board; this fall, they will open up the open the opportunity to canines and felines, beginning by sending a blue merle australian shepherd named apollo into the depths of the universe.


four options for orbit are currently underway: the $995 (USD) ‘earth rise’ service launches a portion of cremated remains to space and, after experiencing zero gravity, returns the flight capsules back to earth. after a successful journey, the module is returned to the family as a keepsake. for $4,995, the ‘earth orbit’ alternative allows the pet remains to ride alongside a commercial or scientific satellite where it stays until it reenters the atmosphere and harmlessly vaporizes as a shooting star. finally, both the ‘luna’ and ‘voyager’ choices (both priced at $12,500) dispatch your dog to the moon, or into deep space.


celestis memorial spaceflights services video
video courtesy of CelestisMSF




‘on all celestis pets flights’ the company describes ‘pet cremated remains or DNA will travel in individual capsules on a commercial launch vehicle alongside scientific and commercial payloads. service options include suborbital flights that return to earth, earth orbit missions, lunar flights, and missions to deep space. pet spaceflights are an historic first and mark a further evolution of commercial spaceflight to include non-human species.’

celestis will launch your deceased pet into deep space
(left) the celestis capsules which hold the pet remains
(right) a group watches a launch into space