‘evomouse’ by celluon lets you use your finger as a mouse

created by seoul-based celluon, ‘evomouse’ and ‘magic cube’ turn any surface into a virtual trackpad or input surface.

in the animal-shaped ‘evomouse’, two infrared ‘eyes’ track user finger movements across a range of common gestures, while the ‘magic cube’ combines mouse, keyboard, and handwriting recognition functionality into an android and iPhone -ready device.

celluon: evomouse + magic cube infrared sensor ‘eyes’ track user finger movements for gesture-based control

the ‘evomouse’ projects a small region of light onto any flat surface, indicative of its range of operation. within that space, dragging your finger works to move the computer cursor, and gestures like clicking and double-clicking instantly cause the corresponding action onscreen. on windows 7 systems, the device also offers rotation and pinch-to-zoom functionality.

celluon: evomouse + magic cube the devices on display at CES 2010 images courtesy of pocket-lint

video demonstration of the mouse’s functioning

celluon’s ‘magic cube’ projection keyboard relies on a similar concept and technology, in combining an optical mouse with the capability to project a keyboard onto any flat surface and optically track finger movements as key presses. featuring handwriting recognition, the device is android and iPhone compatible, providing a portable alternative to the tiny keypads of mobile devices. keyclick sound effects come optional on the keyboard, and the company notes the potential of the device in the future to be easily customized to different layouts.

celluon: evomouse + magic cube the ‘magic cube’

both products are bluetooth-enabled, although can be connected via USB for charging and to extend their use beyond the two hours offered by a single charge. first debuted at CES 2010, the devices are now available for pre-order online, with expected shipping in may 2011. ‘evomouse’ is retailing for 100 USD and the ‘magic cube’ for 200 USD.

via physorg