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from the laptop to the netbook and the ultra mobile PC, the mobile computing sector seems to be growing in size and variety every year. with their P-series lifestyle PCs, sony is adding a new entry into the market. these new compact computers are ultra small, with a very wide format display and small keyboard. when closed they look like a small purse but when opened they reveal a crisp screen and metallic keyboard with a trackball mouse. the early impressions of this device are positive however many are quick to stipulate that it won’t be replacing your full size laptop anytime soon. a good option, if your mobile phone doesn’t have the computing power you need on the go.


designboom’s coverage of CES 2009 CES 2009: sony P series lifestyle PC photo via gizmodo

CES 2009: sony P series lifestyle PC

CES 2009: sony P series lifestyle PC

via gizmodo