CES 2011: motorola atrix
CES 2011: motorola atrix
jan 12, 2011

CES 2011: motorola atrix

motorola’s ‘atrix’ smartphone in the laptop dock

at CES 2011, motorola released the ‘atrix‘ smartphone, engineered with enough processing power to convert via accessory docks into its own laptop, entertainment center, or personal computer.

CES 2011: motorola atrix full views of ‘atrix’

the 4-inch smartphone is the first to utilize a dual-core processor, nvidia’s tegra 2, on which the device runs android. 1GB of RAM supports the wifi and bluetooth ready device, which includes HDMI and USB ports. features include front and rear cameras and a biometric fingerprint reader as the power button.

CES 2011: motorola atrix the device features the high-quality QHD screen, as well as a 5-megapixel rear camera

by far the most innovative aspect of ‘atrix’ is its ready compatibility with a suite of accessory docks designed to let the device shift between functioning as a mobile phone and as a laptop or entertainment center. in all cases, the docks provide additional hardware, but is the ‘atrix’ itself that drives the computing experience.

CES 2011: motorola atrix left: the ‘atrix’ multimedia dock right: back and side views of the smartphone

the HD multimedia dock contains one HDMI and three USB ports, enabling the ‘atrix’ to be connected to a host of accessory devices. attaching a keyboard, mouse, speakers, and monitor converts the smartphone for use as a PC, while connecting television displays and audio systems creates a home entertainment system.

CES 2011: motorola atrix back view of the laptop dock with ‘atrix’ ported

just 14mm thick, the motorola laptop dock has a battery, screen, keyboard, stereo speakers, and additional USB ports built directly into the device. like the multimedia dock, it can be connected to a larger monitor, external hard drives, or display screens to adapt its use. a custom webtop application lets users interact with the phone from the left side of the screen, and browse in firefox, upload and download media, and use phone applications on the righthand side.

the device is discussed and demoed at CES 2011

via crunchgear

CES 2011: motorola atrix

designboom and FUJITSU have teamed up for a design competition of network accessing computing technologies.

  • if u buy motorola ,u get lap top gratis? 😀 stupid

  • would be smarter to put the phone instead of the track-pad and to use its touch screen as track-pad and/or for number pad… completely unwise docking position… i’ll wait for the next version… or appel’s version…

  • wow, you could just design a video output cable that can connect to monitors etc (eg usb), rather than a laptop that needs a phone to run it… dah!

  • Wait wait….would it not make more sense just to hook your phone up to a legitimate laptop via USB?

    If your phone is not connected to the dock/keyboard unit, the whole thing becomes useless.

    doesn’t make much sense when there is quite capable phone to laptop integration.

    If they develop processor/gfx/ cooling to the point where we can carry our working PC in our pocket and all we have to do is connect to a monitor then that would be a real step forward.

  • um, sweet…I want one of those laptops
    minus the wierd thingy at the back of course…

    v3 for life
  • the phone dock seems to be in a silly place… the phone display could be used to display information while using the laptop, instead it takes up space on your desktop? really? who would use the phone screen on the laptop to run apps that would probably be accessible from the web anyway? also, you would not be able to use the keyboard on the laptop to type on your phone either while the phone is docked… many missed opportunities motorola.


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