CES 2017: unveiled at the CES 2017 trade show in las vegas, the sleep number ‘360 smart bed’ intuitively senses and automatically adjusts comfort to keep both users sleeping soundly all night long. enhancing sleepIQ technology – the latest advancement in biometric sleep tracking – the bed transforms the way we sleep, providing improved wellbeing as a result of better quality rest. the technology is embedded in both the mattresses and the adjustable bases enabling a completely smart product that delivers an optimized experience along with exceptional comfort.

the smart bed connects to the sleeper’s smart phone to provide sleep analysis
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we are excited to unveil the future of sleep: the sleep number 360 smart bed, a revolutionary product that redefines what people should expect from their bed,said shelly ibach, select comfort president and chief executive officer. ‘a great night of quality sleep is essential to a healthy mind, body and soul. consumers love that the sleep number 360 smart bed automatically adjusts during the night to ensure you have your best sleep ever.

the mattresses adjust for the individual



as a notably feature of the sleep number ‘360 smart bed’, its responsive air technology adjusts the bed’s comfort to match each user’s changing sleeping position. working in real time, two air chambers gently morph to each person’s side, back or stomach profiles. furthermore, the smart furniture features automatic snore detection technology that simultaneously adjusts to remedy the noise with a more ideal body position. additionally, it intelligently learns the user’s bedtime routine and warms the foot of the bed automatically in order to encourage them to fall asleep faster. finally, taking its personalised knowledge further, the smart bed understands when sleeper’s would like to wake up and does so when they are in their lightest stage of rest.

its shape morphs to automatically provide the user with the most ideal sleeping position



on show at the CES 2017 from the 3rd to 8th january, the sleep number ‘360 smart bed’ was named the CES innovation awards ‘best of innovation honoree in the home appliances category. furthermore, the product was also named an awardee in both the smart home category and embedded technologies category. be sure to see all the latest news and best-in-show products on designboom’s coverage of this year’s CES fair.

the bed senses snoring and adjusts its position to remedy the noise


by warming the user’s feet, they are able to fall asleep faster


the msart bed improves wellbeing as sleep quality is bettered