live from las vegas: CES is one of the biggest tech events of the year. since 1967, thousands of people have travelled to las vegas, where the show is held annually, to observe the latest in tech trends, all shaping the year ahead. companies from around the world gather to tease future possibilities, like concept cars and smart home gadgets, whilst others announce new products that reveal our more immediate reality within the tech industry.



live from las vegas: designboom is covering all the latest launches of CES 2020 – the world’s largest consumer technology fair – from the trade show grounds. stay connected for the future of technology as it debuts.

CES 2020 highlights: here's what you can't miss

fiat chrysler recently unveiled its airflow vision concept car for the consumer electronics show (CES 2020) with an all-digital six-screen interior cabin (read more…)



from january 7 — january 10, CES 2o20 is set to unveil the next generation of transformative innovation, encompassing 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart cities and resilience, sports, robotics and more. here’s what not to miss…



human-centric wearables

CES 2020 highlights: here's what you can't miss

image courtesy of holste centre



there looks set to be a host of technology that responds to the wellness tech consumers increasing desire for products that promote wellbeing. among them, research and development center holst centre will present several human-centric wearables including a ‘relax shirt’, which reminds its wearer of taking regular breaks, and an infrared headband that reduces stress. by integrating electronics in textiles, holst centre wants to build on the intimacy of clothing whilst offering support of healthcare and wellbeing.


AI-powered yoga

CES 2020 highlights: here's what you can't miss

image courtesy of yogifi



also coming to CES 2020 is a smart yoga assistant called yogifi from wellnesys that is powered by artificial intelligence and comes equipped with a companion mobile app. the AI is used to recommend personalized wellness programs by yoga professionals and the embedded yoga mat tracks postures using pressure sensors that respond to touch and gives visual and haptic feedback to correct positions. the mat also correlates vitals and breathing patterns by pairing with devices such as an apple watch.


mercedes-benz: forward looking mobility

robot pizza makers and AI yoga at CES 2020: here's what you can't miss

image courtesy of samsung



the mercedes-benz show stand invites visitors to experience the highlights of the product and technology brand EQ – the all-electric EQC 400 4matic, the vision EQS and also a new, futuristic concept vehicle. the 2020 show stand will give visitors the opportunity to dive into an adventure world, underscoring the consistent enhancement of the mercedes-benz trade show concept. the focal point comprises the brand world as well as its products, services and innovations.


samsung’s bezel-less tv

CES 2020 highlights: here's what you can't miss

image courtesy samsung / 4kfilme



images appear to show a new frameless samsung 8k QLED TV, predicted to launch at CES 2020. the new TV will feature a panel welded to the tv body to create a display that’s free of edges. this new series of TVs will only be available in sizes of 65-inch and above. details on the display panel technology and price have not yet been revealed but it’s likely samsung will pair the new model with its QLED 8k panel with this premium bezel-less tv series.


the future of robots at UBTECH

robot pizza makers and AI yoga at CES 2020: here's what you can't miss

image courtesy of UBTECH



UBTECH will be showing its newest and most innovative robots, including the latest updates to walker, the intelligent humanoid service robot that wowed audiences at last year’s CES. it will also show its autonomous indoor monitoring robot aimbot, enterprise service robot cruzr, and award-winning jimu robot kits for kids. this year’s presentation will demonstrate walker’s faster, human-like walking as well as yoga poses with dynamic stability showing its huge improvement in motion control. walker will also demonstrate new abilities such as the ability to push a cart, draw pictures, and write characters, showing improved static balance with full-body compliance control.


robot pizza maker

robot pizza makers and AI yoga at CES 2020: here's what you can't miss

image courtesy of picnic



seattle startup picnic is bringing its pizza-assembly robot to the las vegas convention center. the robot can produce up to 300 12-inch personalized pizzas per hour and uses a vision system that allows it to make adjustments if the pie is slightly off-center. perfect to feed a crowd of tech-goers, the machine is linked to the internet and sends data back to picnic so the system can learn from mistakes. specific location details for picnic’s robot and where to enjoy its pizza will be revealed at, prior to the start of CES 2020.