best of CES winner, razer forge TV range combines android & PC gaming
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the razer ‘forge TV’ which combines android and PC gaming to provide a cutting-edge, micro-console, wins the ‘best of CES’ award at the 2015 international tradeshow in las vegas. the company who is a leader in connected devices and software for gamers, has now won the official accolade for a fifth straight year – a record for the event’s 48-year history. the category-triumphing device, together with a product range including the ‘cortex: stream’, ‘serval’ and ‘turret’, creates a high performance yet versatile ecosystem. the ‘forge TV’ features quad-core processing, gaming-grade graphics, 16 GB of internal storage, and wireless and network connectivity in a sleep and silent form factor.


the razer forge TV console and the accessory devices
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‘razer forge TV is a device that is able to bring together the most popular elements of an entertainment center,’ says min-liang tan, razer co-founder and CEO. ‘it powers popular music and movie apps and plays android TV games that an entire family can enjoy. for the hardcore gaming audience, it will bring PC gaming to the couch. razer forge TV is what we see as the future of consoles.’

the powerful software provides a lag free experience




using a bluetooth controller called the ‘serval’, this powerful platform can navigate and play popular games from google play, on a large screen for up to four players. the hand-held gadget with its four action buttons, two thumb stickers, and trigger and bumper buttons, enables play with any android TV or mobile game using an on-the-go phone clip. the razer ‘cortez: stream’ which will launch its beta version in spring 2015, furthers the entertainment experience by providing ultra-low latency gaming and full HD resolution. all these devices, together with the wireless ambidextrous mouse and fully anti-ghosted lapboard ‘turret’, ensure a powerful, versatile and lag free gaming experience that can be enjoyed across multiple platforms.  

games can be played when android mobiles are attached to the controller




‘the razer forge TV is a solution that brings the best of PC gaming and streaming entertainment into the living room,’ says min-liang tan. ‘we successfully engineered a micro-console in an elegant form factor with sufficient power and connectivity required of hardcore gamers, with peripherals that uniquely enable high-performance gaming in a casual home environment. with the additional ability to stream movies and other media, and to play the best Android games directly on one’s TV, the razer forge is truly a micro-console for the next generation of gamers.’

the serval and the micro-platform


top view of the forge TV console






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