chainless folding electric bicycle by mando




in a collaboration with british designer mark sanders and dutch e-bike expert han goes, korean auto suppliers mando corp and meister inc have developed ‘footloose’, the world’s first chainless folding electric bicycle. by combining a a throttle drive with pedal-assisted technology, cyclists are able to power the bike up to 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) with the motor alone or pedal for more range. by directly transforming electricity via an alternator connected to the crank, power is generated directly from the user.


chainless folding electric bicycle by mando mando footloose product view




the energy stored in a lithium-ion battery, which is then used to actuate the engine. using an electronic control unit (ECU), the ‘footloose’ works with sensors and an automatic gear changer to monitor terrain and adjust the motor’s output as necessary. it monitors the system for problems, which it displays via a handlebar-mounted human machine interface (HMI). the HMI also displays metrics like distance traveled, speed and amount of electricity produced. being removable, the bike will not start when it is removed, creating an integrated anti-theft feature. when collapsed, the bicycle can be easily transported weighing just over 21 kgs.

chainless folding electric bicycle by mando user context


mando footloose detail video