whilst bicycle design is being continuously stretched to its limits, rarely do designers stray too far from the traditional three components—frame, wheels, and chain. by forgoing one of those essential elements—the name is a slight giveaway as to which one—the ‘chainless’ bicycle is reinventing the mould of bike design. powered by tungsten steel gears instead of a rusty metal chain, the foldable model offsets the need to routinely tighten a chain, not to mention the problems of broken links, irritating chain skipping sounds, and caught up shoelaces.

the chainless s1 ditches a rusty metal bike chain in favor of tungsten steel gears



created by sean chan, the chainless wants to bring back the excitement of riding a bike. using shimano gear transition, the model is able to work it’s way around tiny corners and sharp turns, even giving the rider the capacity to cycle in a tight, 360 degree circle. by swapping a traditional chain for abrasion and heat-resistant tungsten steel gears alongside full system disk brakes, chainless sacrifices uneccessary parts in favor of increased agility.

chainless wants to bring back the excitement of riding a bike



the lightweight bike is also available in a foldable version, that can fit into the trunk of any car yet goes from portability to riding mode in less that 15 seconds. the ‘chainless’ uses ‘lock-n-go’ technology, which does exactly what you’d imagine—simply unfold the bike, lock it into place, and you’re good to go. with magnesium allow wheels and and a built-in kickstand, the chainless S1 simply reduces the classic bike to its most essential elements. founder and creator sean chan neatly epitomizes the design, summing up that ’hopping on a chainless bike will give the rider a sense of freedom where other bikes fail to do.’ 

the tungsten steel gears are resistant take 6,192 F to melt 

both front and rear disc brakes make stopping quicker and more efficient

shimano gear transition makes turning in small spaces a breeze

lock-n-go system allows the bike to go from portability to ride mode in 15 seconds

magnesium allow wheels increase strength durability

the ride is available in both carbon fiber and matt gun metal

the chainless s1 comes with a lifetime frame replacement warranty