chaotic moon’s tattoo circuits integrate unnoticeable wearable technology into daily life
all images courtesy of chaotic moon studios 





chaotic moon is working on a wearable platform where everyday in which users don’t have to make an active decision to put it on. the ‘tech tats’ bio-wearable fully integrates into the user’s life and is essentially undetectable. the project’s main focus is on providing real-time medical information for preventing serious health issues on a consistent daily basis. using conductive tattoo paint, their circuits would live on top of the wearer’s skin. they would monitor everything that a doctor would gather in a physical, and sends them directly without leaving the house. the ‘tech tats’ would tie everything into one package – it would look at early symptoms of a fever, vital signs and heart rate to inform the user that they’re or their child is getting sick. ‘everyone has this idea of the future as this guy with google glass and the apple watch and five fitbits,’  creative technologist at chaotic moon eric schneider. ‘but the goal is really wearable technology that you can’t even see.’


early examples of ‘tech tats’ in use
video courtesy of chaotic moon studios




another field chaotic moon is considering for using ‘tech tats’ is in the banking industry. the bio-wearables would essential replace the wallet and situate it on the skin, so whenever a user needs to access their credit card information or identification, the ‘tech tat’ would pull that out automatically through the system. chaotic moon is still currently working on ‘tech tats’ bio-wearables for a variety of other industries for the near future. 

chaotic-moon-biowearables-tattoo-circuits-designboom-02 the ‘tech tats’ would connect directly to a smartphonechaotic-moon-biowearables-tattoo-circuits-designboom-03 the tattoo ink is replaced with conductive paintchaotic-moon-biowearables-tattoo-circuits-designboom-04 a basic circuit with a sensor and battery