chargeboard generates kinetic electricity to re-energize your phone
images and video courtesy of chargeboard



the ‘chargeboard’ is a longboard that generates its own electricity through two dynamo’s in the rear axles and stores it into a powerbox. by taking advantage of the product’s movement, the two transformers generate 6 volts each which is then stored. this means that your phone can be plugged into charge whilst using the built-in speakers to play music. one hour of cruising provides enough power to enliven your mobile eight times by accumulating the kinetic energy until you need it.


demonstration of how the board works




it is a graduation project by bjorn van den hout, a student at the willem de kooning academy in rotterdam. the gadget enables riders to flip over, charge and listen to their favorite tracks with both an iphone docking-station and an external 2.0 USB port for other cells. the additional external 3.5mm audio jack input allows a range of devices to play sound through the speakers.

the speakers are attached to the bottom of the board


a USB and audio jack ports enable the charging and connecting of any music storage device


the built-in docking-station is only compatible with iphone 4 and 4s




two dynamos in the rear axles create the energy needed


the board’s movement generates the energy